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  • If you want to print a copy, you will need a printer connected to your computer.
  • You are authorized to print one (1) copy for personel use !
    The goal of these plans is to provide you with the specifications, materials list,
    dimensions, and necessary proceedures involved in building your own gokart or atv.
    We show you step by step how to build your project without a fixture. 
    Let it be known that there is no intent or attempt to make the drawings and sketches
    herein to any scale.
    We have tried to keep the project as simple as possible, but some basic mechanical
    ability, use of hand tools and a welder are required.
    Substituting materials or changing dimensions is entirely your choice and responsibilty.
    Many weldments and metal pieces have burrs from cutting and or drilling. It is suggested 
    that the pieces be deburred using a grinding wheel or file before handling.
    When grinding or filing metal, eye protection is recommended.
    Your Project OnLINE
    When your project is complete, we will show your project online.
    All you have to do is send a photo and comments to:
                                                          MXK Racing
                                                           800 Bullis Road
                                                           Elma, New York 14059
    We will publish these photos and comments on our website for future builders to see.
    Good luck with your project, above all HAVE FUN !!!